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Considering that I’m not healthy right now, and I’m not at all fond of exercise, I feel hypocritical writing about Health and Wellness. However, it’s the next section in the Home Management Guide, so I’ll do my best.

Though exercise is not my thing, I do try to walk regularly. In the winter, I walk on my basement treadmill, and in the summer, my whole family walks together around the neighborhood. I try to make exercise part of my regular routine, and I created this section of the HMG because I used to tear lots of exercise articles out of magazines, usually after I made my annual resolution to get in shape. The problem is, I could never find the articles when I wanted them. Then I would get frustrated and annoyed, and decide that I didn’t feel like exercising after all. My Home Management Guide eliminated that excuse–darn it!

This section is one that can be designed however you wish. In mine, I have the following:

-My walking program. You can print one here.
-Several illustrated sheets of resistance training exercises. I use 5 pound weights for these. Resistance training is highly beneficial because it increases strength and bone density, and reduces body fat. This site has several programs for beginners, and you can watch video demonstrations of many of the exercises.
-My healthy body assessment. I got this from It tells me my ideal weight and BMI, and my recommended daily calorie intake. I highly recommend this–it really helps me keep my diet under control.
-All of the aforementioned exercise articles.
-Beauty articles (homemade spa treatments, ideal hairstyle for face shape, skin care tips, etc).

If you’re an information junkie like me, you can get lots of interesting health and fitness related articles for free, or at a very low cost, from the Consumer Information Center. They also have many helpful and informative articles about finances and budgeting. Sadly, I had to stop ordering from them because I was out of control, and my family was concerned about possibly suffocating in a mountain of pamphlets and brochures. Clearly, I have a problem.

Aside from a sore throat and congestion, I’m feeling well enough today that I’m going to try to pay bills and get the house back in order. It’s bad. Really bad. Bee will be returning to preschool, but my husband and Cakes are still very sick. Cakes doesn’t want to eat anything, which is really unusual for her, and my husband has a fever and chills now. He’s going to try to get extensions on his existing work, and reschedule his appointments for today.

I hope you’re all still healthy!

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