The Pantry Challenge

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Apr 182008

I’m sure that all of you share my dismay over the rising cost of food (and everything else, for that matter). Gas in my area took a 20 cent jump yesterday, and I’ve stopped buying my favorite mango peach applesauce, because the price has gone up 18 cents in one week. It’s very depressing.

It now costs about $6.00 for me to drive to the city to get groceries every week. With this in mind, my husband and I have decided to take our first ever pantry challenge, beginning with breakfast tomorrow, April 19th. If you’d like to join us, here are the rules:

1) You may purchase a limited number of staples. For this challenge, these staples are defined as:

Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
100% fruit or vegetable juices
Butter or margarine
Cheese (any kind you like)
Sugar (any form-brown, powdered, white)

2) You may also purchase anything necessary for family members with special needs, or a medically-prescribed diet. For example, I will continue to buy a few canned fruits, because they’re a regular part of my baby’s diet. She doesn’t have enough teeth to eat most raw, fresh fruits.

3) Everything else served must come from your pantry, freezer, or refrigerator.

4) No dining out!

5) You must blog about your experience.

We plan to stick with this challenge until we absolutely cannot make a balanced meal with what we have left in our cupboards or freezer. As long as I can purchase flour, eggs, sugar and margarine as needed, I can bake pretty much anything. I can make homemade bread in the bread machine when our thrift store freezer stash is gone. Eggs and cheese are good protein sources, and can be substituted for meat when our supply runs out. I’m most concerned because we can’t buy pasta or cereal. We’ll be eating a lot of rice and oatmeal, and the lack of variety will be the hardest part of this challenge. It will definitely be interesting.

If you’re joining the challenge, please post a comment so I can post a list of participants, and we can follow each other’s progress.

Good luck, and good eating (I hope!)