The Family Table Challenge – Week One

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Jul 082010

We’ve completed week one of our challenge to eat every meal at home, and while we’ve been almost entirely successful, I must say that so far, I’m not really enjoying the challenge very much. I’m enjoying the food, but I’ve come to the conclusion that eating every meal at home is not exactly a hardship for anyone, except the person who does all the cooking and cleaning up. And that would be me.

Also, I think it goes without saying that cooking when it’s unbearably hot and humid, and the air feels like warm bathwater = no fun.

The first week of this challenge has been especially, er…challenging, because my children have had activities in the early evenings, forcing me to scramble to get dinner on the table even earlier than usual. However, now that I’ve come to accept that I must cook three times a day, every day, I don’t find it to be as difficult. A positive attitude goes a long way.

Here are our meals for this first week:

B – Eggs, chocolate chip muffins, orange juice
L – Sandwiches, cottage cheese, strawberries
S – Brown sugar meatloaf, au gratin potatoes, roasted asparagus, Nestle Tollhouse cookies

B – Toaster pastries, cereal, fruit
L – Sandwiches, chips, applesauce
S – Pizza margherita, green salad, chocolate brownies with vanilla frosting and strawberries

B – Cereal, toast, orange juice
L – Culver’s (this was my holiday from cooking, since I had to prepare food for the July 4th barbecue 🙂
S – Leftover meat loaf, mac-n-cheese, fruit

B – Pancakes, fruit
L – Family barbecue
S – Barbecue leftovers

B – Toaster strudel, pancakes, bananas
L – Turkey and cheese on English muffins, cottage cheese, apples
S – Honey mustard chicken, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, candied carrots

B – Waffles, raspberries
L – Supper leftovers
S – Lentil soup with smoked sausage, biscuits

B – Peanut butter toast, bananas
L – Supper leftovers
S – One pot spaghetti, green salad

At the end of the month, I’ll post our total food expenditures, and I’m thinking they will be much, much lower than last month. Now begins week two, and tonight I will prepare taco salads with (hopefully) enthusiasm. Wish me luck!